The Bitcoin Standard

The Bitcoin Standard is regarded as one of the best starting books for anyone interested in Bitcoin. Saifedean Ammous is one of the leading authors and podcasters in the Bitcoin space and communicates very clearly about how Bitcoin fits the need for sound money that gold and other technologies have had in the past. The book provides an excellent historical economic summary of money as well as looking forward to the future benefits of a world based on sound money.

Layered Money

Layered Money by Nik Bhatia is a stimulating and thorough analysis of the history of money, banking, and credit that is still short and accessible. It focuses on how the modern central banking system has developed on the basis of sovereign debt following the abandonment of the gold standard. It provides a powerful argument for the necessity of a new reserve asset (Bitcoin) and how national currencies can continue to function in layers on top of Bitcoin.

Thank God for Bitcoin

Thank God for Bitcoin presents the moral case against the current debt-based fiat world, and the injustices that it causes. It then lays out the case for Believers as to how and why Bitcoin is moral money, and discusses some of the ramifications thereof. Don't expect deep exegesis of Scripture - this book could have dived much deeper into God's word, but it presents a clear and compelling case.

The Price of Tomorrow

The Price of Tomorrow by Jeff Booth provides a compelling analysis of the interplay between technology deflation and monetary inflation. The book is not specifically about Bitcoin. However, the author’s analysis of the financial system’s self-destruction in an attempt to maintain price and job growth in a world where exponential technology development is driving prices downward serves to educate on the context in which Bitcoin will thrive. The book provides real world examples of how the transition to the digital age has brought with it extraordinary growth and rapid replacement of obsolete companies, networks, and technologies.

The Sovereign Individual

Written in 1996, the Sovereign Individual is a prescient work that forecasts how the rise of the information age will bring about the end of large scale nations. It references a cryptographically-secured digital money that will enable global commerce, and that "Travel could be effectively discouraged by biological warfare, such as the outbreak of a deadly epidemic. This could not only discourage the desire to travel, it could also give jurisdictions throughout the globe an excuse to seal their borders and limit immigration." While the book is written by unbelievers, there is much here to be gleaned for believers.

The Bitcoin Bride

The Bitcoin Bride by Chris Brady is a fictional novel that is highly accessible and a clever way to learn and teach Bitcoin. For many people, the difficulty of learning Bitcoin can be an obstacle to their process of embracing it as sound money and this book is one of the best ways to overcome this obstacle. Chris Brady skillfully wraps the details of what sound money is, how Bitcoin works, and how to address the common objections to Bitcoin in a story of how a young, talented man who works for a Bitcoin company is incentivized by his girlfriend’s father to teach him Bitcoin as a prerequisite for engagement. The interaction is playful and pleasant and communicates the details of Bitcoin in an accurate and concise way. We highly recommend this as a very useful tool for all ages of readers and for those who want a smooth on-ramp to Bitcoin.