The Bitcoin Whitepaper

The Bitcoin whitepaper was originally published on reformation day - October 31, 2008. At only 9 pages, it's a short, succinct summary of the protocol that would forever change the world.

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin

Vijay Boyapati left Google to work on the Ron Paul presidential campaign. A deep-thinking libertarian, Vijay lays out the case for why Bitcoin best fulfills the properties of money, what happens when nations get involved, and attempts to lay out the best arguments against Bitcoin, and why they fall flat.

Gradually, then Suddenly

Parker Lewis' series of articles explores the typical journey that someone might take down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, answering common criticisms and explaining the concepts from a first-principles perspective.

Masters and Slaves of Money

Masters and Slaves of Money demonstrates how throughout history, he who controls the money controls the world. Examples given include how glass-making technology led to the destruction of the African economy, and ultimately contributed to the global slave trade.

Bitcoin for Beginners: History of Money

A brief, yet broad review of the historical context for Bitcoin. For Christians, ignore the caveman references and focus on the discussion of how money has moved from scarce goods (gold/silver) to debt-based paper certificates issued by central bankers divorced from any reserve asset other than sovereign debt. The article provides a history of Bitcoin’s 12 year history as well as a discussion of how its characteristics provide the ideal form of money.

Bitcoin vs Gold

This article draws an excellent comparison between the two best examples of sound money, gold and Bitcoin. By drawing out the strengths and weaknesses of each currency, the article demonstrates how Bitcoin has surpassed gold as the better store of value in both space and time.